For King & Country: Operation Victory

Operation Victory offers more than just another turn-based war game. It’s focus on the Canadian contribution to the war brings out the patriotism in every one who calls Canada home, something that truly isn’t recognized enough. The developers have tried to capture the true Canadian spirit in Operation Victory and have succeeded in doing so.” -Shaen Snider, Gaming Excellence, review, July 24, 2005

Operation Victory is a historical turn-based strategy game that puts gamers at the heart of some of the most challenging missions in World War II. Set in beautifully rendered environments, the player commands a team of soldiers fighting in varied and spectacular locations, such as the French port of Dieppe, the Mediterranean island of Sicily, out in the Atlantic Ocean, or deep within German-occupied territory.The player’s team must neutralize fortifications, work around dangerous traps, rescue fellow soldiers and defend itself against German troops by understanding the mission briefing, carrying out orders and completing mission objectives. Medals are awarded to the player if an outstanding performance was accomplished through the mission.

Operation Victory provides an in-depth, compelling and interactive tactical-warfare game experience appealing to both novice and veteran gamers.

Co-developed by Breakthrough Entertainment and Sarbakan. Distributed online by Trymedia and Wild Tangent and through retail to select territories by Merscom LLC. Produced in association with History Television. Produced with the generous support of the Telefilm Canada New Media Fund and the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund.

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