Greatest Tank Battles

Think you’ve got what it takes to go head to head with history’s greatest tank aces? Well, here’s your chance.

Based on the hit television series of the same name, this iphone game puts you in the commander’s turret – giving you the chance to test your bravery as you try to out think – out maneuver and out gun your enemy.

It’s time to take your shot at rewriting history’s Greatest Tank Battles.


10 Campaigns – Ranging from the green fields of Normandy to the frozen forests during the Battle of the Bulge

30 Missions – Based on actual armored missions – including 10 “What If?” scenarios.

90 Objectives – Go above and beyond the call of duty – and earn medals to become a decorated Tank Ace.

20 Historically Accurate Tanks – Use each tank’s unique abilities and features to overcome your enemy.

Realistic Battlefield Environments – Use the distinct features of each battlefield to defend yourself and defeat your armored foes.

Historical Briefings – Learn about the real events and circumstances leading up to each great tank battle.

Veteran Advice – Learn from the Pros – Use tips and tricks from real tank veterans to help you complete your mission.

Greatest Tank Battles is developed by Breakthrough New Media and Frima Studios in association with History Television. Produced with the generous support of the Canadian Television Fund.

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