Kenny VS Spenny: Versusville

Nominated at the 2007 Canadian New Media Awards  for ‘Excellence in Gaming’.

Based on the hugely popular show Kenny VS Spenny, Versusville is four exciting and extremely playable games in one. This downloadable game features 3D environments, realistic textures and a variety of costumes and taunts. Players are able to chat, cajole, humiliate, applaud and chastise other players with a text-based chat system that is built into each game. Players compete in real time in single or multi-player modes (with up to eight other players).

The Versusville city environment interface acts as the main menu and “hub” of the game. From here the player can enter one of four competitions — all featuring Kenny and Spenny as playable characters — deemed the favourites of the city. They can also visit the other locations in Versusville, for example the War Memorial area where players can view the medals they have won for their performance, or The Hall of Champions where they can view their overall scores compared to the other Versusville players from around the world.

Co-developed by Breakthrough New Media and DC Studios. Produced in association with CBC Television. Produced with the generous support of the Telefilm Canada New Media Fund and the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund.

Finalist in the “Excellence in Gaming” category at the Canadian New Media Awards.

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