Less Than Kind

The Less Than Kind website is packed with a variety of humourous, engaging activities that allow fans to interact with the dysfunctional world of the Blecher Family:

Sheldon’s Run: A casual adventure game that comically highlights the hell that is Sheldon’s daily life. It’s Saturday and Sheldon’s new band has their first gig that night, but before he can join them he needs to get a few things done. Through three levels of comic mishaps, the player helps Sheldon with his chores, fighting the combination of a Winnipeg winter and classmates out to get him.

Blog Girl: Experience Winnipeg and Sheldon’s high school life through the video, words and text of Blog Girl — a newcomer to Winnipeg who becomes Sheldon’s biggest fan. Who is Blog Girl? That’s a mystery, but her weekly accounts of life at Kim Campbell High will keep fans coming back!

Mashups: Taking the idea of a simple e-card a giant step further, the Less Than Kind mashup lets users re-mix video clips, photos, sound and music – all from the series — and create their own hilarious multimedia greeting or widget and share it with others online. There will be loads of other fun things for fans to download from wallpapers to screensavers to music from some of Canada’s hottest indie bands.

Produced with the generous support of the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund.


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