Blood and Water

| 32 x 30


Genre: Thriller, Family Drama

Format: 32 x 30′ HD

Produced by: Breakthrough Entertainment in association with OMNI Television

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment

Cast: Steph Song, Elfina Luk, Oscar Hsu, Simu Liu

When the troubled youngest son of Vancouver’s powerful Xie family is found murdered, the unravelling of the family begins. Detective Josephine Bradley is assigned the case, her first as lead homicide investigator. Jo, an orphan adopted from China as a toddler, is having the worst day of her life the day the assignment is given to her. After a shocking cancer diagnosis, she must face her past, recognize her need to discover her “real” family, and tear the Xie family apart in order to solve their son’s murder. But in order to do that, she must trick the Xie’s into facing their deepest family secret — one their patriarch, Ron Xie, has tried his best to control. His choice to come clean will shatter the family when his oldest son, Paul, makes a choice he believes will clear the family name.

In the months that followed the deaths of their two sons, the Xie family has been blown apart by grief: Anna has fled to China, Ron and Weiran are married in name only, and Xie Holdings, is under siege. Former partner, now vengeful nemesis, Li Tonghui (Victor) and his son, Li Zhongchen, are on the verge of successfully taking over Ron’s company, when an important ally is found murdered. The deal is off and Ron is a suspect. Detective Jo Bradley, newly returned to the Vancouver Homicide Squad following her cancer scare is thrust back into the Xie family orbit, but she is not alone. Her new partner, Detective Evan Ong, a decorated police hero, harbours secrets of his own. In her personal life, Jo’s longing for a connection with her biological family upends everything Jo believes about herself and her relationship with her mother, Colleen.

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