Exchanging Vows

| 12 x 60

Genre: Lifestyle, Reality

Format: 12 x 60

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment Inc

Two Couples. Two Weddings. Only one honeymoon vacation.

Just when you thought you couldn’t magnify the stress of organizing a wedding – Exchanging Vows comes along. It’s a reality series that turns wedding planning on its head.

In each episode two very different couples meet for the first time as they compete to plan a dream wedding. The twist is that they have to plan each other’s wedding – not their own.

These couples meet briefly, watch some video clues, then make decisions about everything for each other’s wedding: the flowers, the cake and even the bride and groom’s clothing.

Nothing puts more stress on a happy couple than planning a wedding! Can these couples plan the perfect wedding – for total strangers?

Exchanging Vows plays with our preconceptions of others’ tastes and makes a game of it for the participants and the viewers. Find out which couples experience wedding disasters and which challengers win their dream honeymoon vacation.

Licensed to TORONTO 1 (Craig Broadcast Group) to # 1 ratings in the 8:00 p.m. Saturday night slot, and on LIFE Network (Canada).Broadcasters: I-Cable (China, Hong Kong, Macau), Living TV (UK) and Zone Vision/Reality TV (Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA, Asia, Latin America).


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