Hollywood Homicide Uncovered

| 6 x 60

Genre: Factual, Docuseries

Format: 6 x 60 HD

Produced and Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment

Featuring the stories of: OJ Simpson, Tupac Shakur, Phil Spector, Dorothy Stratten, and more

Hollywood Homicide Uncovered tells the story of unthinkable murders, all connected to the pursuit of celebrity. Each hour-long episode uncovers the real-life drama, deceit and crime itself, against the backdrop of a city where dreams are supposed to come true.

At the heart of each episode lies a mystery surrounding a suspicious Hollywood death. Detectives must uncover the true motives and clues amongst the media circus.

Investigators who try to solve celebrity homicides operate in a world unlike any other, as beautiful Hollywood stars are surrounded by jilted lovers, wannabes and fans who are dangerously obsessed; leaving detectives to wade through a legion of bizarre suspects – often hitting dead ends. Paparazzi trample on valuable evidence. Police, witnesses and juries are blinded by the glare of the press. Rich celebrities hire lawyers so powerful that justice may never be served.

Hollywood may be a place where dreams can come true, but for a few unlucky souls, their dreams have a deadly ending.

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