I Lived With a Killer

| 20 x 60

Genre: Factual

Format: 20 x 60 HD

Produced by: Breakthrough Entertainment

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment

When a killer strikes, most of us think first of the victim –of their struggle, of their violent death. But murderers do more than just kill their targets–they irreparably harm their own family—often leaving them physically battered, emotionally scarred, financially ruined and ostracized by neighbors and friends. A killer’s kin—his wife, sons or daughters—are the unrecognized victims of his violent crimes. “I Lived With a Killer” tells their compelling stories.

At the heart of each episode lies a mystery. Killers work in secret and often lie most effectively to their loved ones. We ask: how did our family member finally come to know there’s a killer living under their roof? And what happened after they found out?

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