Lost & Sold

| 14 x 30

Genre: Lifestyle, Reality

Format: 14 x 30 HD

Produced by:  RTR Media Inc

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment.

Lost & Sold is a treasure hunt auction series about the thrill of finding value in lost and unclaimed goods.

The series features a group of shrewd and savvy dealers who attend a weekly, misguided freight auction in pursuit of lost items to flip for profit.  These guys are the real deal and the money they make from a day’s work will leave viewers astounded.

Jamie and Jen run 403Auction, a world where few outsiders have ventured. It’s where our sharp, and seasoned dealers, Lou, John, Robbie and Kathleen compete for merchandise as fiercely as shoppers standing outside of Best Buy on Boxing Day. Each week our dealers roll the dice in hopes of scoring a treasure that will bank roll a 5-star vacation, or put their kid through University.

A sealed crate containing a CPR dummy bought for $200 is worth $2,000.  An oversized, hard-to-move tire goes for $200 and is appraised for $15,000… but a high-end designer watch bought for $2100 could turn out to be a knock off and worthless…

From everyday items to obscure and wacky one-offs …if it’s been lost, you’ll find it here and it’s for sale.

Lost & Sold invites viewers into the uncharted terrain of buying and selling lost goods.  The thrills and misadventures of finding the hidden value in lost items sold at auction are addictive, funny, and on-the-edge-of-your-seat exciting!

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