One Ocean

| 4 x 60

Genre: Documentary

Format: 4 x 60 HD

Produced by: Merit Motion Pictures and CBC’s Doc Zone

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment

CBC’s The Nature of Things with David Suzuki brings to audiences a unique, investigative and revealing  look at the ocean’s awesome beauty, extraordinary power and enthralling mysteries.

From underwater volcanoes erupting only meters away from the camera lens to the discovery of rare and bizarre life forms, each breathtaking episode gives viewers a window into the complexities and beauty of the ocean, and reveals how this vast and seemingly infinite space is a single, interconnected system.

Filmed in High Definition, One Ocean’s camera teams travelled to Australia, New Zealand, Africa, The Middle East, Europe, USA and Canada with research expeditions to document discovery at work.  Guiding us on this adventure are some of the planet’s most innovative and charismatic marine scientists who are simultaneously learning new things about the past and present of the oceans’ life force, while racing against the clock to determine how we can save its future.

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