Operation Unplugged

| 6 x 60

Genre: Lifestyle, Reality

Format: 6 x 60 HD

Produced by: HenryLess Productions

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment

Who will survive the wilderness without any of their gadgets?

Operation Unplugged takes  eight self-proclaimed technology obsessed people and unplugs them from their network and strips them of all their devices. Then, they are plunged into an adventure of personal journey through breathtaking wilderness.

There are no ‘escape’ or ‘pause’ buttons in this environment. The participants will be challenged head to head, while at other times they are thrown together to work in teams. The series’ guide and motivator, Alan Bishop leads them through the wilds forcing them to make real-time decisions in situations that they never could have imagined themselves in.

They will be forced to abandon their techno devices, survive the challenges and communicate in person. Their ‘chat room’ will be face-to-face at a campsite, their ‘tweets’ will be hand written in a personal journal, their ability to hide their emotions will be removed and they will confront each other and the camera with true feelings.


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