Plastic Makes Perfect

| 39 x 30

Genre: Lifestyle, Reality

Format: 39 x 30

Produced by: Breakthrough Entertainment

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment

Our mothers always told us that true beauty comes from the inside.

Does it? Was she telling us the truth, or just a lovely lie?

Now more than ever before, people are going to extreme lengths to remain eternally sexy, glamorous and young. But is perfect beauty even achievable?

Each episode of this funny, fast-paced pop doc looks at a prevalent belief or fear about beauty — a belief that comes not from our mothers, but from the world we live in. The series then puts that belief to the test. We watch hilarious hidden-camera social-science experiments and share the experiences of patients whose beliefs about appearance lead them to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery.

Plastic Makes Perfect asks irreverent questions such as: Are bigger breasts really better? Could a flat stomach lead to a better sex life? Can plastic surgery turn a lonely man to a loved one? Does beauty really beat out brains at work? Are men only one nip and tuck away from success? Is there such a thing as a perfect “10”? Many other sizzling topics are guaranteed to keep audiences entertained and informed.

To view information on the webisodes that accompany this series click here. Produced for SLICE Network formerly LIFE Network



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