| 1 x 110

Genre: Thriller

Runtime: 110 mins

Directed by: Dave Schultz

Written by: Dave Schultz

Starring: Rory J. Saper, David James Elliott, Kelly Rowan, Kim Coates, Richard Harmon, Merritt Patterson

Rufus is afraid and alone, stranded in a sleepy prairie town after the death of his hundred-and-seven year-old travelling companion. He’s determined to make a fresh start. Hunted, poked and prodded, Rufus knows people are always pegging him as this or that. If there really are vampires, Rufus has never met one. Sure, he has some quirks. So what if he likes the taste of blood, doesn’t age or feel the passage of time? When a multi-national drug company discovers Rufus’ genome just might be the foundation of youth, and a cunning vampire hunter arrives to claim the boy as the property of Bristol Anderson Pharmaceuticals, Rufus knows it’s time to move on. The only problem is, Rufus likes his new life and the pretty girl next door. What’s a boy to do?

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