| 4 x 60

Genre: Documentary

Format: 4 x 60

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment

Imagine juggling several life roles at once: being a mom, wife or singleton while your band tries to achieve international superstar status. Welcome to the real world of the award-nominated musical trio of Shaye, three sexy, bawdy 30-somethings: Kim Stockwood, Damhnait Doyle and Tara McLean.

For Stockwood, Doyle and McLean, their life’s dream of making it big as music stars and as a band rests on how they perform over the course of their upcoming year of touring, and especially during the launch of their new CD/album.

In this series of 4 one-hour episodes, we will watch these women as they struggle to achieve their biggest dream. We’ll be a fly on the wall as they go on tour and launch their CD, inching their way closer to stardom as the intensity of their lives increases dramatically — all the while putting themselves through an intense publicity circus and taking their performance up a notch.

Audiences will enjoy watching the band battle to transform themselves into “superstars” while juggling mommyhood, singledom and a number of complex relationships.

“This year is the make-or-break moment for this band,” says manager Sheri Jones.

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