| 1 x 86

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 86 mins

Directed by: Richard Rotter

Written by: Michael Kessler and Richard Rotter

Starring: Mark Ford, Samantha Cole, Winny Clarke, Alana-Ashley Marques

A contemporary rom-com that challenges the definition of masculinity and questions what it means to be a modern man… all while busting out a mean two-step.

On the eve of a legendary dance club closing its doors forever, three friends prepare for an epic night of beats, connectivity and revelations. Reese, the tights-wearing lone wolf of the dance floor, lives by a sacred code—never take off the costume, never depart before the final song, and never bring a date to the party. Accompanied by his trusted ally Zig and his boob of a sidekick, Stu, Reese hits up the club for one last dance, only to discover that when the record flips and the lights finally come on, eventually, the costume has to come off.

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