Family Dance, The

| 26 x 30

Genre: Factual

Format: 26 x 30

Produced for: W Network and TV Ontario

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment Inc.

The Family Dance is a continuing series about women and their families — the changes that pull them apart and the bonds that keep them together.

Today, women are pulled in many directions at once. They care for an aging parent. They pursue high-powered careers. They work outside and inside the home. They are both the mother and father after a divorce.

Now, more young adults live at home, women are starting families later in life, and the elderly are living longer… the shape of Canadian families is changing. And the generation in between feels caught in the middle.

The Family Dance explores the changes in the lives of Canadian women and their families. As the series unfolds, each story develops into a portrait of the evolving relationships between different generations. The Family Dance tells the stories behind the dramatic choices and changes families make, and the humour and strength it takes to get through it all.

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