Manic Organic, The

| 13 x 30

Genre: Lifestyle, Reality

Format: 13 x 30

Produced by: Breakthrough Entertainment and Ballinran Productions Inc.

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment Inc.

The Manic Organic is an entertaining and visually rich gardening and cuisine series that tells the story of organic produce as it makes its journey from farm field to dinner table.

The series is hosted by organic grower Antony John, who supplies top restaurants in Toronto, Niagara and Stratford from his farm near Sebringville, Ontario, just outside of Stratford. Antony is passionate about what he grows and that feeling is reflected in each half-hour episode.

Each episode follows a main vegetable and two side vegetables through the life cycle from planting out as seeds to nurturing in the garden without pesticides and finally harvesting and cooking. Along the way Antony, with his own unique brand of humour, demonstrates how viewers can employ organic techniques in their own home gardens.

In one episode, entitled “The Has Beans”, Antony prepares an organic pesto and bean salad with new potatoes for members of his weekend-warrior soccer team. We see how the vegetables are planted in the field, harvested and prepared into a delicious organic meal served on the deck of his farmhouse.

Occasionally Antony is called upon to help out in the kitchen of one of the local restaurants in Stratford — restaurants he supplies with organic vegetables from his farm. In one episode, he’s filling in for a chef on vacation and his contribution — a recipe that calls for cipolline onions, arugula and pea shoots topped off with a Gibson, also known as a cipolline martini — is served at a dinner party in the restaurant.

The Manic Organic is shot on Digital Betacam in wide-screen format to give viewers the perspective of watching a feature film. The beautiful photography transforms the landscape of southwestern Ontario into a rich tapestry of colours, making the series a delight for the senses.

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