Riot at Christie Pits, The

| 1 x 60

Genre: Factual

Format: 1 x 60

Produced: in association with the CanWest Global System

Distributed by: Great North Releasing

The Riot at Christie Pits exposes the roots of racism, focusing on Canada’s worst race riot. It happened in the fiery summer of 1933, in Toronto now the world’s most multi-racial city.

Using contemporary and historical footage, reenactments and eyewitness accounts, the film offers insight, compassion and humour and a warning that hatred can lurk in the heart of any city.

Based on an award-winning book, The Riot of Christie Pits is a historical story as gripping and urgent as the nightly news. It sheds light on the dark past of a city that remains a beacon of hope to immigrants from around the world.


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